Thursday, November 1, 2007

Stock Dividend Record - What is a "Dividend Record" Where Can I Find It?

For those stock investors who may not know this, the Standard Poor or popularly known as (S&P), is a leading provider of independent investment research, market ratings as well as stock market indicators.

Standard & Poors (S&P) Dividend Record provides comprehensive information on dividend payments and corporate actions of over 22,000 equity securities.

It is available through S&Ps Data Services for a fee. S&P is widely accepted as the world leader in independent investment research. The information focuses on cash and stock distributions and consequences these will have on taxes. Mergers and acquisitions affecting dividend payments, redemptions, outcomes of stockholder meetings are also detailed.

Dividend Record focuses on companies listed on American and major Canadian exchanges, as well as selected foreign stock issues.

The information is accessible through the Internet direct from S&P. Information from Dividend Record can be used to research individual companies, market sectors, market indices, or the market as a whole. Emerging trends can be studied from the data. Even though the information isnt free, reports about the latest Dividend Record are widely reported every time the quarterly versions are published.

Mergent also publishes its version called, appropriately, Mergents Dividend Record.

Another use of the term dividend record has to do the date a company actually makes announced dividend payments. This record date is important because shareholders on record on that date will be paid. For example, a company would announce that it will pay a dividend on April 1 to shareholders on record as of March 15.

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