Thursday, November 1, 2007

Learn Forex Trading - Learn This Essential Fact First To Succeed

In this article we are going to look at one essential fact you need to succeed when trading currencies. If you understand it, you can will be taking your first step to learning forex trading correctly and achieving forex trading success the fact you must understand is:

The ratio of winners to losers hasnt changed in 50 years - 95% lose and 5% win So what you may say?

Well think about it:

The ratio of winners to losers has stayed the same and this is despite the increased power of computers in terms of data analysis and forex analysis programs, data analysis, better and more timely news sources and a huge amount of experts wanting to help you.

Doesnt this fact strike you as odd?

All these advantages! Yet the bulk of traders still find their currency trading strategies lose.

Well there is a simple reason why and its an essential part of your forex education:

Forex trading is relatively simple and is as much mindset, as it is a good currency trading system, so learn the points below and you will be able learn forex trading correctly and succeed:

1. Simple systems work best

There is a temptation to devise complicated forex trading systems - after all computers can help you do it easily, but the fact is this will help you lose.

A complicated system has more elements to break a simple system is best as it is more robust.

2. News is the enemy

Today there is a lot of news and its presented well - all those convincing arguments!

All great to hear or read but it will simply help you lose - news is discounted in seconds so it wont help you as the market looks to the future.

3. Volatility Has Increased

The volatility of currency trading has increased with faster communications.

This means you have sharper counter trend moves to deal with and the big challenge today is dealing with it this has actually made currency trading success harder!

4. The myth of the expert

In todays society we consult experts on everything, yet currency trading is one area an expert wont help you.

The fact is success comes from within no one is going to give it you.

Many traders buy worthless e-books for hundred dollars or so and believe the hype and these guys can help dream on.

They present great marketing copy and normally claim great success with no substantiation whatsoever and never have a real track record to back up their claims, just a worthless simulated profit in hindsight.

If you want to win, ignore them and find your own way.

Trading the truth

The market price is always right, only you can be wrong and it moves as and when it wants to.

To win you have to create a set of rules to lead you to currency trading success, have confidence in them and the discipline to execute your trading signals.

Most people cant take responsibility for their actions, lose and blame the markets or others for their losses but in reality its their fault.

Most people simply dont have the mindset to win and thats as true today as 50 years ago.

You just need to learn forex trading the right way and this article has given you something to think about and a valuable bit of forex education.

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