Saturday, October 6, 2007

Downbeat Stocks

In fact, trading this way can cause financial loss very fast. It is true; by using this method you can make a lot of money fast. As mentioned above, if you get this method wrong, you can lose all of your money just as fast. There are options available to investors who wish to make a steady profit and not have to rely on the fast moving stocks. If you wish to create a passive income from investing, you still need to be careful. You need to ensure that you have everything set up correctly. You must also take care to check in on those investments. You really shouldnt treat it as a set it and forget it method of income. There is a possibility the investments wont do as well as you had hoped. The income you had hoped to rely on may not be there passively. Take our advice and make sure to monitor investments, even if they are considered to be passive.

One of the best ways to create a passive income from investing is to choose under priced stocks from the start. Its almost pointless to buy stocks which are good performers but are priced high. If you invest in these types of stocks you wont make as much of an income as you would on stocks that are good performers but are under valued. You need to make sure you take time for planning and to do a lot of research. By putting in a solid effort in time and research you will be able to buy the right stocks at the right prices and make high returns on your investments. The types of stocks you want to buy are stocks of companies who are strong, yet, the price of their stock is lower than what the stocks real worth is. The logical question you need to ask, is why the stock is priced low in the first place? While it may be tempting to place a buy order on an under valued stock, its not advisable to do so until you find out why. If you fail to heed this one word of caution, you may find it will wind up costing you a lot of money. What looked like a good deal, could turn into a miserable failure. If you do the proper research, including why the stock is priced low, you will be able to uncover some excellent downbeat stocks which will give you a great profit. These stocks will also produce for you without you having to do a lot of trading and profit taking.

When you are doing your research you should first use the industries tab. This will allow you to sort through them to find out which are going to do well for you. If you sort them by using the "RT" then you should be able to get a better view of what is going to work well. You need to find the ones that have the lowest "RT" rating as these are likely to be the most downbeat stocks that will give you the best opportunity for a good profit.

There are two separate criteria that you need to look for to make sure that they have potential. But you need to make sure that they have both of these elements and not just one or the other to know that it is a good stock. You need to make sure that the industry has a cumulative PE of 8 or less. You also need to make sure that the industry has a price to sales ratio of less than 1. When you find a stock with these two characteristics then you need to also make sure the industry also has the lowest "RT" on that day. Do not ignore these conditions as they are very important to making sure that the stock you are buying is going to make you a good profit. You will not find these conditions very often so when you do, you will need to buy a considerable amount of stock to make it worth your while, very often from 100,000 to 500,000 is a good idea. As you will find stocks like this only 10 or 25 times a year it is important to buy them when you do. Then you will find that there are good longer profits over a year or more. This may give you a win percentage of over 94% and massive returns.

Very simply put, when you find them make sure that you buy the stock that has the highest relative value with lowest PE. This will give you the right information on which to base your buying. You also need to do some research on the stock to make sure that it is a good buy. is a very good place to look at the recent activity on the stock and this will help you to get a better view of what is going on with the trading. It is only after you have done all of the research and made sure that all of the conditions are right that you should buy. If you do this then you will make sure that you have the best chance of making a good profit. This may give you 1 to 3 years returns in the triple digits consistently and this can give you a very nice income indeed.

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