Sunday, September 16, 2007

Low Risk Investments Get Low Risk and Great Profits

Low risk investments are those investments that historically have provided good upside over time, along with low downside volatility.

With stock markets looking vulnerable, people are looking for a safe low risk investment.

Well, theres an investment medium with better upside potential than stocks and with far lower downside risk.

A Low Risk Investment

You may not have considered land as and investment - but it is PROVEN To be one of the safest investments in terms of downside risk. Land is also one of the best investments you can make, in terms of capital growth potential.

When most investors look at low risk investments, they normally look at bonds, money market funds, savings accounts, and blue chip stock mutual funds. Land however has proved itself as a low risk investment - and in the right location, land yields extraordinary gains.

An Example of Big Profits

Since 1997, the price of prime Costa Rican land locations are up 500% - and many investors have been doubling their investment in just a year or two!

The downside on this low risk investment has been minimal, as prices have risen year on year. Prices look set to continue upwards for the foreseeable future - as Costa Rica has become the main hot spot for Americans looking to retire overseas.

Lets look at the two things needed for big profits and low risk when investing in land: Right Country and Right Location

All investors want to make big gains - but most sensible investors know theres no such thing as money for nothing and the location of the land provides the risk in land investing.

To make capital growth from land investment, and to maximize your capital gains, you need to buy land that is ripe for development. This means the land to build on is located in a sought after area and this requires research and homework.

In our example of Costa Rica, theres plenty of building going on - and you simply need to position yourself at, or near these developments.

Low Risk Investments and Diversification

Spreading your investment portfolio into several different asset classes, to maximize capital growth potential, is a good idea. Land can provide the perfect diversification - and land is an easy to understand, low risk investment.

Unlike stocks or equities, with land you own something real - and land has historically risen in value in countries with developing economies. Our example of a low risk investment is Costa Rican land - as it has provided better returns with lower risk than stocks.

Huge gains and low risk - what more could you ask for! In fact, the gains have been huge in comparison to stocks.

Check out this low risk investment for yourself - and youll see that an investment in Costa Rican land not only provides low risk - but its also a great way to build long term wealth.

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