Sunday, September 16, 2007

Air Conditioning

Have you ever worked in a building where they have fixed air conditioning units attached to the wall and a fancy remote control to operate it with? Sure they seem great, but are they really?

For starters they only blow down and there is little left or right movement. Secondly and most frustratingly, they have an amazingly annoying habit of blowing all your documents and papers off the desk.

Lastly, they always seem to blowing on the person that doesn't want to be cooled, causing a mini office war.

There is another way of course, enter the portable air conditioning unit the saviour of the office!

This versatile cooling machine has done more for office employee relations than any psychiatrist could ever achieve. They have wheels meaning you can shift the focus of the breeze away from that cold blooded colleague and direct that cool breeze directly towards you. If you are reading this at home on a balmy evening you will be feeling that cool breeze in your mind right now. Nice isn't it?

Well guess what? You can buy a portable air conditioning unit for your home too!

If it's hot in the living room, wheel it into the living room. If you're not sleeping too well through those summer months, take it upstairs and have a peaceful nights sleep for a change.

Of course, you need to situate it relatively near a window so it can expel all the hot air outside.

People who have these in their home say it's one of the best purchases they have ever made, giving them a comfortable environment in which to work, relax and play.

For those of you that are concerned about the environment, and that should be all of us, you will be pleased to learn that most portable air conditioners are now CFC free meaning they do not exert any dangerous gases in to the ozone.

The one thing you should consider before buying a portable air conditioner is the average size of the rooms you wish to cool. This will determine which size of unit is right for your home or office.

Most online retailers have a room size calculator which will advise you on the right unit for you.

For those who like to splash out, many portable units come with a remote control so you can up and down the temperature from the comfort of your armchair or bed. Others come with a built in dehumidifier and some heat as well as cool.

It really is a versatile bit of kit and it's something that you shouldn't have to live without. There are many specialist air conditioning retailers trading on the web, where you can save money by buying direct, just don't forget to measure the room size first.

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