Friday, October 5, 2007

Will Fibonacci Help Me Forex Trading? Successful Traders Say Yes

When you first start trading the forex and begin to have some understanding of what the currency markets are all about you will have the ambivalent impression that the behavior of the most traded currency pairs are quite predictable but without any certainty. Yes, you can contemplate the oscillation of the prices as they evolve during the trading day and easily say I knew it would drop there or something similar. But the reality is that although you contemplate pretty regular intervals of oscillation, they are not as easily predictable as it may seem to you when you are a rookie, and as the best traders know, your best guesses wont be enough to make you consistent money when trading forex.

Thats why every trader known has been given as his first homework the task of looking for a reliable forex trading system that will help him in his frequent encounters with the currency markets. There are many good systems out there that you can use depending on your trading psychology and capital you wish to risk (the least the best is one of the forex trader golden rules). But one of the most widely used by its reliability is the Fibonacci Levels system.

This is a forecasting system based on the legendary Fibonacci numbers that are known to be widely present in nature as hidden constants ruling the behavior of many phenomena. And the Forex markets are not exempt of this influence; thankfully for the traders, the way each of the oscillations you can see when you contemplate a forex chart behaves is directly related to the Fibonacci levels, having these constants imbedded inside their behavior. So by understanding how these Fibonacci levels work you will be able to have pretty accurate forecasts of the markets. Its not a perfect system but you can get very close once you have been trained.

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