Thursday, October 11, 2007

E-Currency Explained and How I Consistently Beat These Average Returns!

I saw an interesting article the other day that was written by Ken Materson It basically described how a person or a stay at home mom could capitalize on the E-currency business. This was a well written article and it basically opened my eyes and made me realize just how good the returns are on the system that Im currently involved in. Here is a brief description of the E market and how it works.

So what is e-currency exchanging all about? Due to global commerce consumers find themselves conducting business with companies and people from different parts of the world. This has resulted in a heavy reliance on third party currency exchange services such as pay pall, e-gold, e-bullion, and plenty of others to complete cross-continental transactions more efficiently.

This influx of e-currencies has created a window of profitable opportunity for those in this business. With so many different forms of e-currencies available there is now a need to exchange between them. In this marketplace you will be operating as a lender of e-currencies that you have purchased.

You will do this by investing in digots, a term used in this business, which represents a digital value determined by a region of activity within the DXInOne system. When you purchase a digot, it simply means that you are investing in the activity of some region of the world.

The higher the activity in that region is, the higher the digot will increase in value. With a small investment in the system you will be making .2% - 2% on each exchange that you are involved in. The profit percents are a range because they will depend on how well you're digot picks perform in each trading session.

The best part about this business is that you can not loose money; since your profit comes from the fluctuation of your digot values the only thing that changes is how much you make. So, on some highly profitable days you will be operating at the full 2% earning huge returns while on slower days your return rate will be less. People with large investments have netted profits over $5,000 per month.

This is just a brief explanation of what this home business is all about and it really does entail more than what has been stated. Since this business is relatively new there is not yet that much information about it readily available.

There are however several e-currency exchange experts out there who offer training on how to be very successful in this home business opportunity. But I suggest looking at a program that Im involved in first. It consistently brings me daily earnings of $1K to $3K daily. You would have to have Hundreds of Thousands on Hand to get the returns that I do on one simple program. This simple system took off like wild fire and It never slows down. See for yourself. It literally allows you to quit your Job in 6 months or less.

John Gibbs is an online Mentor and Marketer who specializes in Traffic Generation and Mentoring people to Success. He consistently earns $1K to $3K a day.