Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Russia Says NO Sanctions for Iran!

Russia and China are both big suppliers and trading partners with Iran and much of what they trade is advanced weapons systems and military hardware. Things like rocket launchers, long-range missiles, uranium stock for enrichment and guns. Iran has a million-man army and is currently bordered with Iraq. We have seen military hardware from Iran in the hands of the insurgency in Iraq.

Iran wishes to enrich uranium and make nuclear weapons and their president has already promised to; Blow Israel off the Map. Even worse Iran is sponsoring Hezbollah and other international terrorist organizations to the tune of over $100 million per year and you can see how this is escalating.

The first world nations of the Western World wish to place sanctions on Iran and yet Russia says no sanctions for Iran and therefore will continue to sell them weapons to fight in a future war. If other nations stopped trading with Iran and Russia continues to trade with them and Russia also continues to sell jet fighter planes to countries like Venezuela, whose president also met with the Iranian leader then we have a real problem.

As North Korea is testing nuclear weapons and wants to test a nuclear bomb today and then sell these things to Iran and sell them nuclear weapons, we are into dangerous territory. If Iran gives nuclear weapons to international terrorist organizations that they already sponsor then we can expect a nuclear bomb detonation in a major Western World city within the next two years, will it be your city? If we fail at the present time to do anything about this that will be the most likely future. Please consider all this in 2006.

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