Friday, September 21, 2007

Intermediate Tips for Create More Money in Autoresponders

Autoresponders are fast becoming the method of choice for people to answer questions, stay in contact with customers and clients, and to update potential customers on stock items, sales, and events coming up. Here are some intermediate ways to make productive audtoresponders work for you.

Use Autoresponders to Sell Products
You can send notices to your mailing list, people who send you questions, and people who simply send you an email by including product information and sale notices in an autoresponder. For instance, if someone is sending you a question from your web page about a red widget, you can have an autoresponder shoot back an instant message that their question has been received, and in the meantime here are some products on sale, etc. Their red widget might just be on your list.

Send FAQs
Rather than have an extensive FAQ page that no one reads, send it to people who send you a question instead. Let them ask in a web form, then you send an autoresponder that will send the FAQ page--and, you will have their email addresses so you can send a notice after that of a possible sale, or you could even send a personalized note.

If someone purchases something from you, you can use a productive autoresponder for more than notifying them of a shipping date. You can use it to promote an ebook on new ways to use the item, or new products that support it. Productive autoresponders look as much to the future as to the present.

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