Friday, August 31, 2007

Online FOREX Trading - Profit Opportunities Live Update

Yesterday we looked at 3 trading opportunities. Today, we are going to look at one shaping up in the euro currency, a possible profit opportunity and update the others. Lets take a look first at the euro. We are using the chart service and indicators RSI, Bollinger bands and stochastic in making our observations. This report is written at 10AM Central European time.

The euro is in a firm up trend against the dollar and prices have recently retreated from contract highs. Prices are now at the middle of the Bollinger band and are looking to hold around this level. RSI has fallen back from overbought levels and stochastics are down, but oversold. Support lies at 1.34 and 1.32. Watch for stochastics to bottom and cross with bullish divergence to indicate a shift in momentum, accompanied by rising RSI. This looks like a correction in a bull market. Wait for the correction to run its course, by watching for the above indicators to give you a signal and shift the momentum back to the bulls.

Other trades we looked at yesterday were:

US V Canadian Dollar
Same comments apply as before:
We expect a bounce. RSI very oversold and the dollar is trying to hammer a bottom out above the key 1.10 level. Stochastics remain flat. If they cross with bullish divergence, expect a move up. A close below 1.10 means all bets are off.

US V Japanese Yen
We expect the dollar to hold above the breakout point. Stops should be below the breakout if long if not, to go long look for stochastic to turn up with bullish divergence. The yen is the weak currency of the majors against the dollar and we would expect the dollar to hold its up trend.

Today, should give a clearer indication of near term direction. Short term momentum is down in the dollar. Watch the breakout point and stochastic momentum.

British Pound V US Dollar
The trend in the pound is up but short term momentum is down. We expect the pound to move up after the recent correction, but need to see a shift in near term momentum.

Prices have broken the mid Bollinger band and are drifting lower. RSI is no longer over bought. Stochastic momentum is over sold and down. To enter a long trade watch for a cross in momentum on the stochastic with bullish divergence and also a rising RSI. With all trades dont predict wait for confirmation of shifts in near term momentum before attempting positions.

Good luck and good trading.


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